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The live webchat with with superbike and MotoGP superbabe Suzi Perry has now ended. But it went so well that we’ve posted the transcript for you to read.

Suzi signed on to chat at noon today as part of the build up to the NEC show and answered questions from users about everything from her hardest TV moments to who’s got the best bum in leathers.

Read the full chat below and comment on it here.

Ricky: "Have you got a calendar coming out for 2005?"

Suzi Perry: Yes, I have! I'll get onto it straight away!

Lynn: "What is the hardest interview you have ever had to do & why?"

Suzi Perry: The hardest reports I've done have been the sad ones on Barry Sheene and Daijiro Kato. The interviews are generally not hard to do but are sometimes hard to get. Max is a bugger!

boma23: "What's the funniest thing that's happened to you live while wandering round the grid just prior to race start?"

Suzi Perry: Frankie Chili came over to me during a live broadcast and put a tiger on my head! But then he is a nutter! Some of the riders sometimes aren't in their position because they are taking a leak at the side of the track!

Bingo: "Hi Suzie - its great watching you getting excited at all the race meetings - exactly how much do the butterflies run in your tummy at the start of a GP grid?!"

Suzi Perry: If you can imagine yourself being there, with seconds to go before the lights go out standing between Rossi, Edwards and the likes of Biaggi, you'll get the picture.

Shazza: "Who has the best bum in leathers?"

Suzi Perry: James Toseland!

Rizzy: "There are a few of us sitting here and we would like to know if you have ever dated a racer?"

Suzi Perry: No, I don't mix business with pleasure!

Phys : "Have you ever given any motorbiking legends a pillion ride on your bike?"

Suzi Perry: No, Unfortunately not. I've ridden with Kenny Roberts, James Hayden and Steve Parrish! Also Wayne Rainey gave a pillion ride on his quad bike around the circuit of Jarama a special moment in my life.

kwh: "Suzi, any plans to get yourself on to Top Gear to sort that Clarkson bloke out? Or maybe do a bit of presenting on the merits of motorcycles... "

Suzi Perry: Once upon a time, a couple of years ago, I was asked to be a presenter on Top Gear. However, upon being informed that there would be a few or no bike related features, I couldn't really see the point, but it's about time we had a strong bike magazine show on terrestrial television. I'm working on it.

Phys: "Hi Suzie, If you were going to buy one of the new bikes at the show NEC which one would it be and why?"

Suzi Perry: That's a really hard question. There is going to be far too many bikes for me to make a choice. One thing's for sure, I'm going to be like a kid in a sweet shop.

Emma: "When/why did you first get interested in motorbikes and what is a good age for my kids to start?"

Suzi Perry: There's a Mini Moto section at the NEC show where kids over twelve can participate and try out their skills. It's certainly helped Valentino Rossi on his way, he was a Mini Moto champion.

Kevin: "Personally I am more of a scooter man than a motorbike man. They have remained a great passion of mine, but until now I hadn't realised that the bike show at the NEC covered scooters as well, so I am to go along. Will the scooter section will be second best to the motorbikes on show?"

Suzi Perry: I love scooters too and there will be scooters available to ride at the show. There are more and more people finding this section of biking cool but I am going to be honest with you, if you are talking about the number of scooters compared to the number of bikes as the market is generally smaller there will be less models there to see.

Emma: "I'm trying to convince my hubby to come to the show with me but he hates bikes! Is there anything for him to do while I ogle bikes?"

Suzi Perry: Yeah, Jodie Marsh and other beauties! On a serious note there's a live action arena and Dougie Lampkin is always a spectacle to be viewed.

Emma: "What celebs will be at the bike show this year?"

Suzi Perry: Neil Hodgson, James Toseland, John Reynolds, Leon Haslam, Jeremy McWilliams, Carl Foggarty and a real celebrity I'm sure you'll be very interested to meet Jodie Marsh.

Dodger: "Is there one stand you will be at at the NEC or will you be everywhere? I am one of your biggest fans would love to meet you"

Suzi Perry: Hi Dodger! I will be all over! But for sure on the 5th I will spend some time on the Honda stand and I will also be in the race paddock. See you there!

Tom: "What is it about bikes that you think makes them so sexy?"

Suzi Perry: Come to the Show and find out! All the details are on it runs from the 5th - 14th November.

Rizzy: "How can I get into bike racing? I am a mechanic and would help anybody to get into the paddock. Do you know if anyone in BSB is short of a spanner man?" Thanks Rick"

Suzi Perry: Well a good way to find out, would be to come to the Bike Show where MCN have a race paddock. A lot of the teams will be there so you can ask them first hand. Good Luck!

Podger: "If you weren't presenting WSB or GP what do you think you would be doing?"

Suzi Perry: You've got me on that... I don't know. I would probably be emailing someone here asking how I would do it!?

Steve: "Hi Suzi. How did you come to be working where you are today. Did you enter your TV Career with the aim of being a bike presenter or did things just fall that way? You've got to admit it's one hell of a job............."

Suzi Perry: Yes I know I got the best job in the world! And I created it too! I called Sky Sports back in 97 to share some of my ideas with them for WSB and they asked me if I would like to be a reporter. So I began my career in bikes and have stayed with it as well as obviously doing other TV shows at the same time. A bit cheeky I know!

T-bone: "Is the BBC covering WSB next year?"

Suzi Perry: As things stand, the BBC are putting all its resources into Moto GP and there is no planned coverage of WSB.

1: "Is there any chance of getting 125 and 250 races televised on the BBC too? Even highlights would be better than nothing."

Suzi Perry: We've been pushing for coverage and it looks as though the first coverage will be interactive, but I'm not sure when. Hopefully as soon as possible, so we can follow the exploits of our very own Chaz Davis who I will be interviewing in Valencia. Keep your fingers crossed.

Paul: “What will it take to get bike racing in this country up with that Formula car thingy?"

Suzi Perry: yes, we don't get many column inches do we? For some reason, the media love boring, dull processional formula one and not exciting passionate fuel filled, real motor sport like bike racing. I don't why!? But to increase the profile, we have to get them on side.

Dave: "What is your favourite MotoGP circuit and why? Answers about being able to sun yourself on your days off are not permitted!!"

Suzi Perry: Phillip Island Australia. It's a real racers circuit and always encourages good, strong racing. It's fast and flowing only really has one hair-pin and is a thrill for the riders with the blind turn of lukey heights. It also looks amazing on television but it's bloody cold if you stand at Siberia!

kwh: "Towards the end of this year I've noticed you developing a rapport with the GP riders like you used to have with the WSB riders. How easy is that to do? And what have you been saying to Max that led him to kiss you?"

Suzi Perry: I worked for two years in the GP paddock when I was with Sky in 1998 and 1999 so the majority of riders already knew me when I returned last year. In fact Loris Capirossi greeted me in the pit lane in Japan with his arms out saying "Welcome Home!" I suppose respect is earned and not given.

Paul: "Barry Sheene transcended his own sport to influence many other sportsmen and women with his determination and charisma and is obviously sadly missed. Are today's riders one dimensional?"

Suzi Perry: I think that would be a sweeping statement. Barry Sheene made motor cycling a household name, not just through his riding ability but aided by his good looks and charisma and business choices. There is no way that you can say the like of Valentino Rossi are one-dimensional. He is an absolute superstar who is also opening doors to motorcycling.

pigeon: "how many seasons do you think until Rossi gets bored of motorcycle racing?"

Suzi Perry: I think we have got him for one more year. I'll be surprised if he stays any longer. As apart from winning a championship on a privateer bike like WCM, he has nothing left to prove!

chris567: "Hi Suzi did you put money on Rossi winning the championship this year?"

Suzi Perry: Are you accusing me of being a gambling woman?! No, I didn't, I'm amazed that he did as well as quickly as he did and in my heart I thought he'd be battling with not only Sete but also with Max and Colin.

Rizzy: “Do you think MotoGP is as good today as it used to be?”

Suzi Perry: I think bike racing goes in circles. I found the Doohan years a little predictable especially after Schwantz and Rainey. However, I think Valentino Rossi is the greatest biking star that I have ever seen in my lifetime and he has opened the sport enormously.

Road Runner: "Hi Suzie. Which do you like best MotoGP, WSB or BSB."

Suzi Perry: It's impossible to answer. My careers been divided between MotoGP and Superbikes and I have good friends and strong memories from both paddocks. To be honest, I adore close racing and at times the excitement switches between the two. But the best riders in the world are in MotoGP.

yuppie: "Is Foggy as completely nuts in the flesh as he seems to come across?... and what do you think of Nitro Nori?"

Suzi Perry: Carl's quite calm when you meet him in the flesh. I think riding his bike fuels his fiery nature. Nori, is a real one off. I think he is comparable to Foggy, evoking the same passion and excitement for racing spectators.

Mike: "Who was your greatest influence/hero when you first got into the motorbike scene?"

Suzi Perry: My bike hero is Wayne Rainey but I had a lot of help from riders like Niall McKenzie, Roger Burnett, Neil Hodgson and Carl Foggarty when I started.

Normanormal: "Do you ever get to ride superbikes?"

Suzi Perry: I have done in the past, but now I am working in MotoGP. I guess I'll have to say goodbye to the superbike paddock. If I had to choose a superbike to ride now, I would choose Chris Vermeullen’s Fireblade.

Spamalamaman: "How often do you get to ride your bike and do you have any points for speeding?"

Suzi Perry: Not as often as I would like! I spend most of the year travelling around the world with MotoGP and no I don't have any points. They can't catch me!

Gus: "What type of bike is your favourite?"

Suzi Perry: I ride lots of different bikes but the bike that I own is a Honda CBR600RR.

Bevan: "What type of machines will be at the show?"

Suzi Perry: You name it, from classic bikes through to the latest sports bikes, they will all be on display at this years bike show. So whether you like scooters, Harley's or Fireblades you're gonna be a happy person!

Lionel: “Why is the NEC used as the venue for the bike show, would it not be better to have it outside where we could see more action?"

Suzi Perry: Firstly because it's in the middle of the country so everyone has reasonable access. Secondly it's the largest best place in the country to host the event and finally there will be outdoor events this year as KTM have a special arena for super moto racing where you can actually take part.

TrevorG: "I wonder if you can tell me if Neil Hodgson will be at he NEC on Preview day as I would like to meet him."

Suzi Perry: Neil Hodgson will be visiting the show but I'm not sure when. He usually is there on the preview day and I'm sure he will be delighted to meet to you.

Paul: “Are you going to the NEC? I'll be there on Sunday, where can I find you for a piccie?"

Suzi Perry: I'm going to be there on Friday so you'll have to come two days earlier to catch me. I'll be all over the place so grab me while you can!

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