Back from Cannonball

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MCN road tester Adam ‘Chad’ Child is back from the Cannonball Bike Run. On this story you’ll find new pictures, links to his daily en-route updates and new audio to download.

Chad reveals his personal highlights, the madness of the journey, what happened to the ‘Ghost Rider’ and more.

Download the audio clip to hear Chad describing his impressions of the event and to fill in the gaps from his last report in Chamonoix. Hear about the nightlife… and the moment he almost lost it.

Discuss the run with Chad by following the ‘Chat to Chad’ link below, right.

Chad’s full report can be read in the September 7 issue of MCN. We’re still waiting to hear where he finished overall as the judge’s are factoring in time he had to take out to help the organisers with shooting for a forthcoming DVD of the event.

And there’s a short video clip he shot himself, revealing the sensational scenery he’s been riding through.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff