Holiday speed warning

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North Yorks police are warning they are getting tough on speeding throughout the Bank Holiday Weekend.

There will be extra patrols and speed checks as part of the force’s Operation Halter – a hardline policy which includes fast-tracking offenders through the courts..

This year to date there have been 94 motorcycle crashes in which someone was killed or seriously injured, a reduction from last year’s 105 at 25 August.

“Last year was better than the year before, and this year is better than last year – but no-one is celebrating,” said Assistant Chief Constable David Collins. “When you consider the tens of thousands of riders based here or who come to North Yorkshire to enjoy our 6000 miles of roads, then 94 bad bike accidents is a very tiny total.

“But it is still 94 too many. Operation Halter goes on.”

Despite the focus on bikes only a third of ‘extreme speeders’ being fast-tracked through court are motorcyclists.

Mr Collins said: “Let me give fair warning for this holiday weekend: North Yorkshire Police will be out in numbers 24/7. Officers will be on foot and in cars, vans and motorcycles, both plain and marked. They will employ a range of technology, a great deal of road and driving knowledge and a large amount of old-fashioned nous.

“We are happy to take a tough line with riders and drivers who are selfish, irresponsible or anti-social. We are very unhappy about dealing with casualties – that is why we are making this major effort to keep this holiday weekend as safe as we possibly can.”

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