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MEPs from across Europe are ready to defy the British Government to force amendments to new bike-threatening Euro proposals.

The British Government currently holds the presidency of the EU. Through Minister of Transport Dr Stephen Ladyman, it had indicated that it was not willing to consider any amendments to the ‘Third Driving Licence Directive’ at Monday December 5’s meeting of EU ministers. The directive throws up a series of new hurdles to anyone wanting to get into biking.

Riders’ rights group the BMF says lobbying of MEPs in the UK and abroad may yet prevent the UK Presidency from arriving at a ‘Common Position’ among member states about the directive at Monday’s meet.

Instead some members, including France, Germany, Poland and Austria want it taken off the agenda, while there is also support from Spain, Italy and possibly Germany, for the motorcycling aspects of the draft Directive to be reconsidered.

If they get their way the draft directive will be delayed – giving more time for important amendments which could offer more protection for the future of motorcycling.

The BMF says: “The proposed motorcycling measures contained in the Directive are unduly complex, will act as a disincentive to anyone contemplating taking up motorcycling and, due to their complexity, will be difficult to interpret, apply and enforce.

BMF Senior Government Relations Executive Trevor Magner said: “Through its EU Presidency the British Government has done motorcyclists a disservice. The proposals in the draft Directive are diametrically opposed to the Government’s own recently published Motorcycling Strategy and so by accepting them, the Government has failed to live up to its own strategy. These proposals are inept, ill-conceived and will do nothing to improve safety. We want the UK Presidency to have been a success, but not at the expense of motorcycling.”

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