Blair's bike plan revealed

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Tony Blair’s Government has finally come up with a National Motorcycling Strategy – eight years after he first told MCN it was on its way.

Better late then never – because the great news is that this is a strategy designed to fully recognise motorcycling as a genuinely mainstream mode of transport – and shows evidence of a new and positive approach to bikes.

Transport Minister David Jamieson announced the strategy today, Tuesday February 22, recognising an increase in the number of two-wheeled vehicles, resulting from the desire to beat traffic jams – and to have fun.

The strategy’s aims are that:

motorcycling is recognised as a “mainstream” mode of transport

transport planning and infrastructure decisions fully take motorcycling into account

motorcycle design continues to improve

the attitudes and behaviour of both drivers and motorcyclists is focused on looking out for each other

pre-test and post-test training continues to improve, making it attractive to riders

the motorcycle test is reviewed, including a review of the Direct Access Scheme

“This is the first national motorcycling strategy and cleary demonstrates the Government’s commitment to addressing the concerns of bikers, ensuring the needs of motorcyclists are fully considered when making future decisions,” said Jamieson.

“For the first time we have a framework of actions to be pursued over the next few years. Working together with the Government, the motorcycle industry and motorcycle user groups can help to ensure motorcycling becomes full recognised and catered for as a means of transport on our roads.”

Tony Blair first suggested putting bikes at the heart of his transport plans at the MCN Ally Pally show in 1997.

To discuss the National Motorcycling Strategy, follow the Related Topics link, right. To download the full version: CLICK HERE

MCN is interviewing Transport Minister David Jamieson today about the detail of the new strategy. Read the results in MCN next week (March 2). Get more on the Government’s new attitude to motorcycling in the February 23 edition, too

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