Anger at BBC show bias

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Riders across the country are spitting fire after a BBC1 TV program showed what appeared to be outrageous police bias against motorcyclists.

Traffic Cops, broadcast on Monday evening (Jan 17, 2005) featured the Cat and Fiddle road and Cheshire cops.

It prompted this response from MCN user Steve Richardson: “I just can’t believe what I just witnessed! That was the most outrageous victimisation against bikers I have ever witnessed.

“A Lotus Elise came around a bend towards a police car on the wrong side of a solid white line, SIDEWAYS. He got a telling off and let go.

“Later in the program the same offence on two wheels on an 04 plate GSX1400 – 3 points and a £60 fine! What is going on?

“The car driver should have been done for dangerous driving as that was my apex!”

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If you wish to complain about the BBC TV program Click HERE or about the police action HERE.

Tell Cheshire Police what you thought of the show. Click HERE

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By MCN Staff