New MCN - out Jan 5

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The latest issue of MCN reaches newsagents on January 5, and if you don’t get a copy, you’ll miss:

We reveal Triumphs 680cc Daytona triple – the lightest 600 yet.

We look back at the bikes that have been axed for 2005

Vanilla Ice faces the real biker test

Meet American stunt babe Jojo, she’s a lot better looking than Knievel

We pick out this year’s best events

And the hot product bargains for the new year

Old Hornet Vs. new. Is it as good as it used to be?

Living with the GSX-R750

Ducati Monster S2R Vs. its rivals

Rossi tells us his motivations for 2005

Can the new American Superbike really cut it

Plus lots, lots more stuff that you don’t want your mates to find out before you…

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff