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It’s about time you had a crack at some off road action – and now we’ve added a trials option to our MCN Honda off-road days.

Book an MCN day and you can choose to either spend all day on a Honda CRF450X off road bike or split the day evenly between trail riding and trials riding using a Honda F250X trials bike. You don’t even need your own kit to try out.

Even if you’ve never been on a trials bike, the instructors will teach you the art of riding over uneven ground, logs, rocks and other obstacles. Within minutes of grabbing the handlebars the adrenalin will be pumping as you amaze yourself at just what can be achieved.

12-times World champion Dougie Lampkin’s minder Ben Hemmingway and trials rider Jake Miller will take charge of the trials experience.

You don’t even need a bike licence, just as long as you know how to ride.

Mixed Off Road / Trials Dates

22 July – Midlands

24, 25, 26 Aug – Midlands

29, 30 Sept – North, Doncaster

Normal Off Road Dates.

12,13 August – North , Doncaster

9 September – North Doncaster

20, 28, 29, 30 July – Midlands

1, 4, 31 Aug – Midlands

22, 23, 24 Sept – Midlands

19, 20 Aug – South

14, 15, 16 September – South

Places cost £145 per person during the week, and £160 per person on Saturdays, and include kit, bike hire and insurance. To book call 01933 674036 or email

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff