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Around 1000 riders turned out in less-than-perfect weather on Wednesday night to protest against police moves to close down the weekly bike meet at The Wheel in Worfield, Shropshire.

MCN’s Steve Farrell was there and will bring you more on this in our next issue, out on July 6. Police had feared the gathering had the potential to turn nasty – and they had warned this could have an adverse impact on the application to restore the pub’s licence, which will be heard by magistrates on Monday, July 4.

But to the credit of those involved, all reports so far indicate it went off peacefully.

motorcyclenews.com user Nick1127, said: “I went over about half-six. There was a bit of drizzle on the way… still, it washed a few flies off I guess. WHAT A TURN-OUT! I got into the ‘slow rides’ between the two islands past The Wheel. “There was unbelievable support from car drivers and pedestrians, and local residents.

“I even saw some cars driving slow when there was nothing in front of them! Big cheers from The Wheel crowd and the Royal Oak crowd.

“The police just sat in their vans and watched.

“It was a good, quiet, calm protest – just what was needed. well done everybody.”

The meeting at The Wheel was closed down last Wednesday (June 22) by police. They are citing a risk to public safety. The pub and its meeting is back in the dock on Monday when magistrates will decide on whether or not it can have its licence back.

Police say the event requires better marshalling than it currently has. They say they have video evidence of badly behaving motorcyclists.

MCN says if that’s the case they should charge those responsible – but stop short of shutting down the whole event.

They should work with the pub to keep this popular meeting open for the law-abiding majority to enjoy.

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