Cops given points target

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North Wales police have been set targets for the numbers and kinds of traffic offenders they catch each month.

In a scheme reminiscent of the snooker game traffic police notoriously play when bored, each traffic cop will have to notch up 200 points worth of offenders a month.

The scheme kicks in on July 1 with five points for a speeding biker ranging up to 25 for a drink driver, according to the BBC (click here for the full story on their site).

It’s another motorist-targeting scheme from the force led by controversial chief constable Richard Brunstrom.

The police federation have described the six-month trial as: “ludicrous”, while one chief constable told MCN, off the record, that they wanted to be disassociated in every way from anything North Wales were doing.

North Wales police say no bonuses are being offered to cops for beating their targets and that the scheme is intended as a way of measuring productivity.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff