GSX-R tops US risk list

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A survey of US insurance firms reveals Suzuki’s GSX-Rs are the most likely bikes to be stolen AND to be involved in a crash – according to America’s Insurance Journal.

If you don’t want to bother with a rottweiler in the garage in the States then it’s the Suzuki Savage you want – according to the report it’s the least likely bike to be stolen.

Best bet for avoiding a crash? A Yamaha Virago series. Cruisers, perhaps not surprisingly, equal lower risk, it seems.

Read the full report on the Insurance Journal’s own site. Click here

The top five most likely to be stolen in the States.

1. Suzuki GSX-R Series

2. Yamaha YZF Series

3. Honda CBR Series

4. Suzuki Hayabusa

5. Kawasaki Ninja Series

Least Likely to be nicked

1. Suzuki Savage

2. BMW R1200C

3. Honda Rebel Series

4. Honda Shadow Series

5. Yamaha V Star

Most likely to be crashed:

1. Suzuki GSX-R Series

2. Kawasaki Ninja Series

3. Suzuki TLR

4. Yamaha YZF Series

5. Honda CBR Series

Least Likely to be crashed

1. Yamaha Virago Series

2. Honda Rebel Series

3. Suzuki Savage

4. Harley-Davidson FXR

5. BMW R1200C

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