Clarkson attacks bikes

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BBC Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has attacked motorcycling yet again in a column published on the BBC Top Gear website.

Commenting on proposed legislation to reduce bike noise limits, Clarkson comments

"I'm not scared of bikers. If they crash into my car, they crumple and I go home"

It's not the first time the fast car fan has attacked motorcycling. In May 2004, he claimed "One day I will silence them by stretching a piece of cheese wire across the road." Read the response from readers to his previous comments, here.

Luckily other forms of transport rarely intrude on his peaceful Cotswold home.

"Only a very few cars are truly noisy, and they're owned by people who would never dream of accelerating high enough into the rev band for that little valve in the exhaust to work its acoustic magic.

I'd like to bet that the majority of people reading this have never heard a Ferrari or an Aston at full chat. Whereas everyone, except for a handful of sheep farmers on Dartmoor, knows exactly what a bike sounds like at speed. Because all bikes are noisy, there are thousands of them"

To read his full column on the Top Gear website, click here. (external site). You can contact Top Gear, here. And to comment, follow the Related Topics link, right.

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