Protest ride success

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Hundreds of British bikers crossed the Channel on Saturday October 1, to join a mass rideout through Brussels to protest new licensing regulations.

The ride-out was led by MCN, the British Motorcycle federation (BMF) and Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), with riders from all over England making the journey.

MCN’s Steve Farrell was part of the ride-out, and you can read more in MCN, out Wednesay, October 5, 2005.

It won’t take long to see if the ride-out has helped. On Friday, October 7, the European Council of Ministers will meet for final discussion on the European Licensing Directive, which will see the minimum age for DAS tests rise to 24, and CBT learners face a two year probabtion on a 125cc bike, a further test for a 44bhp bike, and another two years before a full bike licence.

Follow the links, right, to see more on how this could damage motorcycling in the UK.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff