Schools to 'think bike'

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A new strategy aimed at giving new drivers a better understanding of the risk they pose to motorcyclists is being launched at the NEC in Birmingham on Thursday (Oct 27).

It is The Motor Cycle Industry Association’s first youth strategy – ‘Educating our Future Road User Users’.

Research among secondary schools in the UK found only half of teachers who responded were teaching road safety to pupils aged 14-16 years. Teachers cited lack of time or resources (89%). 95% of respondents said they would use an education pack if it was made available to them. That’s what the MCI is now offering.

Craig Carey-Clinch MCI’s Director of Public Affairs said, ” The majority of young road users become car drivers, with little or no understanding of other modes of transport such as bicycles and motorcycles. Lack of experience and knowledge of these modes probably makes a significant contribution to the large percentage of two wheeled accidents which are caused by car users

The MCI is also unveiling new plans at the NEC to bridge the gap between BikeSafe assessments and post-test training – with the support of the Driving Standards Agency.

A national curriculum is hoped to be launched ready for the 2006 riding season to bring cohesion to the schemes already in operation. Anyone participating in a BikeSafe assessment scheme should have a better idea of what to expect, wherever they attend in the country. It is anticipated that forces which don’t currently offer the scheme will come on board.

As incentives, BikeSafe participants are likely to be offered discounts by approved training providers and existing insurer discounts may be re-aligned.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff