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Safer roads by the book

Published: 01 April 2006

A new series of guidelines for road design are launched on April 5 with the intention of making roads across Europe safer and more user-friendly for motorcyclists.

‘Guidelines for Powered Two-Wheelers - Safer Road Design in Europe’ was to be unveiled on Wednesday afternoon at Intertraffic in Amsterdam - the world’s leading trade fair for infrastructure, traffic management, safety and parking. Your Next Bike

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The new handbook, from ACEM (Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles) shows transport planners and traffic engineers how to develop ways to help cut motorcycle casualties by intergrating them into transport policy and plans.

The book covers:

Integrating motorcycles into transport policies and strategies

Road design

Traffic engineering

Road maintenance

Traffic management

Parking provision

Road safety campaigns

Road safety audits

Find great kit: 1675 items reviewed here ACEM’s Secretary General Jacques Compagne said; “The new European guidelines from ACEM are an important contribution to an enlarging body of academic and policy work on the important issue of creating a safer road environment for users of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds.”