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"I find it difficult to accept why a responsible member of society such as the Deputy Chief Constable should see fit to effectively alienate, ostracise and offend an entire segment of our community, I am referring to motorcyclists of course. Where I live the constant noise of motorways, trucks and buses and worst of all helicopter and light aeroplanes is far more intrusive and annoying than motorcycles.

"Law is in place to deal with motorcyclists who have loud exhausts etc, and if we had more policemen and less scameras, then maybe it could be realistically enforced! The motorcyclist community accepts that it has its problem elements, and is actively working to control them, most of us just enjoy pottering around our beautiful countryside, as does the DCC, actively not trying to inconvenience others.

"The irony is that as the DCC observes, the bikes he heard were trying pass slow traffic. I have to say car or bike, the slow traffic is what tests my patience. Maybe we should ban the towing of caravans in national parks; or vehicles without the power or agility to use these roads sensibly, considerately and responsibly instead? This would certainly speed up traffic flow - unarguably. The list of people who could be banned could go on and on couldn't it? Then where would it end?

"As the DCC admits, the average motorcyclist is indeed far more courteous, than the average car driver, and is also far more proficient in the use of her or his vehicle - this should also be borne in mind.

"As motorcyclists we put up with appalling incompetence, diesel spills, deliberate and dangerous hostility, inattention and God knows what else. Please take a more sensible and considered view. The DCC has within his power after all to rid us of all the lunatics two, four or multi wheeled and axled. So why not do that?

"I do understand you have a difficult job, but I don't see why it has to be made harder by publishing vindictive nonsense like this.

"England Scotland and Wales were still free countries the last time I checked!"

Jack Blakemore, e-mail

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