Biker fights for parking

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A London biker is fighting injustice as the local council attempts to charge bikers for parking – now she wants your help.

Catherine Malynicz from Kensington was incensed when Kensington and Chelsea Council attempted to sneakily introduce parking charges for bikes.

Currently Malynicz uses a parking space right outside her house for her Honda Africa Twin and her Vespa scooter.

But last week she discovered a small leaflet stuck to a lamppost warning residents that they will soon be charged to park in the motorcycle bays.

Malynicz told MCN: “It’s crazy – the whole point of having a bike is to avoid the issues of parking and causing congestion.

“I’d have thought the councils would be encouraging us to use our bikes.” She addressed her concerns with Peter Weaten, the Senior Engineer of the Highways Division who told her that free bays would still be provided near shopping areas but that residents would be charged.

Malynicz says that although there will be a consultation period where the council speaks with residents, she is unconvinced that it will make any difference.

She said: “It’s like two foxes and a duck discussing what to have for dinner. No matter what arguments are put forward it will still be roast duck.”

Soon Kensington and Chelsea will enter the London Congestion Zone which will see an increased number of bikers using the districts roads.

However, the new charging system with specifically lined bays will mean there is less room for bike parking.

Malynicz has spent time distributing leaflets to fellow bikers in the area and is writing letters to MPs voicing her concerns.

If you are interested in supporting her worthy cause then get in touch at her campaign e-mail address at