Biker helps to jail crook

A biker helped to jail a major bike thief who sold £100,000 of stolen parts on eBay every month.

A Judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court sentenced Bradley Dimech, 34, to three-years in jail for his part as the leader of a gang of bike thieves.

Dimech operated from Romford selling stolen bike parts through the Internet auction site from high-value machines stolen from the City.

However Dimech had not counted on stealing Richard Tullet’s pride and joy.

When vigilant Tullet’s Suzuki was stolen he tracked eBay auctions and found Dimech’s profile in which he advertised: “Look at my bits.” Tullet was suspicious and placed a bid on a part he was convinced came from his stolen Suzuki. Tullet won the auction with a bid of £320 and arranged to meet Dimech in a nearby supermarket carpark.

As soon as Tullet saw the distinctive part he immediately contacted the police to make them aware. The Met Police, acting on this information, raided Dimech’s home and found stolen goods.

At the trial prosecutor, Harry Greenslade, said: “He was known as someone able to move on stolen parts of bikes” and would receive phone calls from his criminal contacts informing him when a stolen bike was available.