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It's FREE to sell your bike kit, parts, tools, accessories and biking related books, DVDs and other memorabilia on the all-new MCN Auctions for a limited period only.

You read it right - there's absolutely NO FEE to list your bike gear. And when you sell we won't even take our traditional 'close fee' (usually £2.50).

With NO COST TO YOU, it's worthwhile listing even items you don't want much money for - from used kit and tools to parts, cosmetics and more. There really is nothing to pay to sell anything that fits in our 'products' category.

So why are we doing this? We want you to get rummaging through your garage and wardrobes and join in the mother of all autojumbles, online and direct to your pc!

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You can choose to select from a variety of extras to help you attract more and bigger bids if you wish, and there are small charges for those. See 'Guide' on any MCN Auctions page for details.

This offer is made to all registered users. If you aren't already registered simply click 'register' at the top, right of any page.

MCN Auctions allow you to sell to the biggest online biking community in the UK – on

If you want to sell your bike on MCN auctions we're offering a special 50p listing fee is for an introductory period only. Add a reserve price for just 50p more. In the event that you don’t sell for the price you want, all it will have cost you is £1.

Successful auctions start with a low 'start price'. Low starting prices attract more interest - and therefore more potential buyers. You can test this for yourself - safe in the knowledge that setting a 'reserve' price for just 50p will prevent you from selling too cheaply.


When you make a successful sale of a bike-related product you pay us a NOTHING – zip, there are no hidden extras.

Sell your bike in MCN Auctions and the close fee is a straightforward £26 – there’s no sliding scale or complex percentages to calculate. And if there isn’t a buyer willing to pay your price among the UK’s biggest online biking community – all it will have cost you is 50p. You can set a reserve price for added protection for just 50p.

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AND every item listed for sale to fellow bikers on must first be approved by MCN – giving every one of us a level of protection against conmen other auction sites just don’t match (see our full terms & conditions for details on the MCN Auctions part of the site).

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And, of course, if you prefer your bike to be listed in MCN, the world's biggest-selling bike weekly, we're offering new bigger-value deals on classified ads. Click here

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