Ladies tempted by bikes

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Bikes aren’t just for blokes, as revealed in a recent survey by insurance firm Bennetts. Not only would two-thirds of female car drivers consider bikes to avoid rush hour traffic, but only 1.5 per cent saw motorcycling as just for men.

And the news for female motorcyclists is that they are seen as sexy by over a quarter of women, while just under a quarter see them as brave and daring.

Sadly for blokes, only one in sixteen women see bikers as the dashing, daring type. But one in two women would choose their husband to take them for a pillion ride, rather than Brad Pitt and Geore Clooney.

“This survey has proved that girls are increasingly more open-minded about motorcycling and it also shows that the image of biking and bikers alike is also changing,” said Bennetts Kal Samra. “The fact that so many girls out there believe that women bikers are both sexy and daring is a sign that the myth is being dispelled that biking is just for guys.”

Would you like to see more lady bikers? Does your other half ride, or would you encourage her to learn? Post your comments by following the link, right.

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