Bikes on TV: March 22-29

Published: 18 March 2006

Each week we publish a list of events happening around the UK, and listings on motorcycling programmes on TV. This is the TV listing for the week beginning Wednesday, March 22.


DRT - Discovery Real Time

DRTE -Discovery Real Time Extra

DSC - Discovery Channel

MM - Men and Motors

EXS - Extreme Sports Channel

MOT - Motors TV,

SS1 (2, 3 or X) - Sky Sports 1 (2,3 or Extra)

EUR1 - Eurosport 1

EUR2 - Eurosport 2

C4 - Channel 4

C5 - Channel Five

Wednesday 22

2pm, SS2, Bikesport UK

7pm, DSC, American Chopper : Lincoln Bike Pt1

9pm, MM, Scratchin’ (rpt 2am)

9.30pm, MM, Troy’s Story by Ewan McGregor (rpt 2.30am)

Thursday 23

11am, DSC, American Chopper : David Mann Bike Pt2 (7pm Lincoln Bike Pt2)

Midday, MM, Scratchin’

12.30pm, MM, Troy’s Story by Ewan McGregor

2pm, EUR2, World Trials Championships

3pm, MOT, US Daytona 200 Highlights

4pm, EUR2, MotoGP Test Session (rpt 9pm)

4.30pm, EUR1, MotoGP Test Session

5pm, EUR2, Winter X Games

8pm, MM, Barcelona Burnout (rpt 2.50am)

9pm, MM, Build or Bust (rpt 1.50am)

Friday 24

11am, MM, Barcelona Burnout

11am, DSC, American Chopper : Christmas Sleigh (7pm Junior’s Dream Bike Pt1)

Midday, MM, Build or Bust

2.30pm, EUR1, MotoGP : Jerez (rpt 9.45pm)

4.30pm, SSX, Moto+ (rpt 2am, 4.30am SS2)

8pm, MM, American Thunder (rpt 3.30am)

8pm, MOT, Wheelies

8.30pm, MOT, World Endurance Championships

11.30pm, EUR1, Winter X Games

4.30am, C5, SuperX

Saturday 25

6am, MOT, Wheelies (rpt 10.30am)

7am, MOT, World Endurance Championships

12.30pm, EUR1, MotoGP Practice Session: Jerez (1pm, 2.15pm Qualifying sessions) (rpt 11pm)

12.55pm, BBCi, MotoGP Qualifying session : Jerez

2.30pm, MM, Troy’s Story by Ewan McGregor

4pm, EUR2, MotoGP Qualifying Session : Jerez (rpt 9pm)

6.30pm, MM, Build or Bust (rpt 4am)

8pm, SSX, Moto+

11.30pm, MOT, US Daytona 200 Highlights

Midnight, MOT, World Superbikes & Supersport : Philip Island

Midnight, DRT, Biker Build-Off : Billy Lane vs Mike Brown

Midnight, MM, Bike Week Exposed

2am, DRT, Petrol Heads : Speedway (2.30am Vintage Banbury Run)

3am, MOT, World Endurance Championships

3.30am, MOT, Wheelies

Sunday 26

8am, EUR1, MotoGP Qualifying Sessions (8.45am Warm UP session, 9.15am Introduction, 9.45am 125cc Race, 11am 250cc Race, 12.30pm Championship Race) (rpt 7.30pm)

10.30am, MOT, World Endurance Championships

11am, MM, Build or Bust

12.40pm, BBC2, Live MotoGP : Jerez

2pm, BBCi, MotoGP Extra : Jerez

3pm, EUR2, MotoGP : Jerez (125cc, 3.30pm 250cc, 4pm Championship) (rpt 9pm)

3pm, ITV1, British Superbikes : Brands Hatch (Live 2nd Race : 3.45pm)

4.30pm, SSX, Moto+ (rpt 7pm SS3)

8.30pm, SSX, British Superbikes Highlights : Brands Hatch

9pm, DSC, American Chopper : Fantasy Bike pt1 (rpt 3am)

3.30am, MM, Troy’s Story by Ewan McGregor

Monday 27

8.30am, EUR1, MotoGP : Jerez (rpt 8.45pm)

11am, DSC, American Chopper : Carroll Shelby Bike Pt1 (7pm Junior’s Dream Bike pt2)

11.30am, SSX, British Superbikes Highlights : Brands Hatch (rpt 6pm SS2)

Midday, MM, American Thunder

2pm, MM, Barcelona Burnout

3pm, EUR2, MotoGP : Jerez (4pm 125cc, 4.30pm 250cc)

5.30pm, SS2, Moto+

7pm, MOT, World Endurance Championships

7.30pm, MOT, Wheelies

9pm, DSC, American Chopper : On the Road – European Tour Pt2 (rpt 3am)

10pm, DSC, Knievel’s Wild Ride (rpt 2am)

Tuesday 28

11am, DSC, American Chopper : Carroll Shelby Bike Pt2 (7pm Gillette Bike Pt1)

4.30pm, SS2, Bikesport UK (rpt 11pm, 2.30am SS2, 1am SSX)

7.30pm, SS2, Elite League Speedway (rpt 12.30pm SS1)