Hawaiian bike cop dies

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One of three police motorcyclists involved in a crash escorting President Bush in a motorcade in Hawaii has died from his injuries.
It’s believed Steve Favela, 30, was hit by the two following officers when he fell from his police bike last Tuesday. 
The wife of the Honolulu Police Officer held a news conference on last week pleading for people to donate blood and keep praying for her husband. 
The reaction from the local people saw a double increase in blood donations this weekend at the Blood Bank of Hawaii. 
President Bush issued this statement yesterday: “Officer Favela died from injuries he suffered while protecting us during our visit to Hawaii… he risked his life every day to protect the people of his community. 
“In this time of great sadness, we give thanks for his life of service.”
Favela, a father of four, is the first on-duty Honolulu officer to lose his life since August 2004.

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