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An official announcement has been released regarding former customers of Moto-Events Limited, including those with bookings for the 2006 Valencia round of the MotoGP championship. The statement is reproduced below, and can also be seen by enlarging the image, right.

" All previous clients for the Valencia Moto-GP can now avail of special arrangements which have been made with Pole Position Travel. They are an established company (former competitor) who specialise in Moto-GP events and inded handle over 1,500 clients for the Brno Moto-GP alone"

Pole Position Travel have a special website for Moto-Events clients at They can also be contacted by telephone on 0207-8709948 or by When contacting please ensure to quote your Moto-Events Ticket or Booking Ref No which they can confirm to ensure priority of service.

Whilst Pole Position Travel cannot guarantee availability of your former booking, Moto-Events customers who book before midnight Wednesday 11 Oct will pre-empt all others. Bookings made online are confirmed instantly, phone and email bookings will be slower.

Additional, it can be confirmed that prior to helping Moto-Events clients, the Polse Position lawyer and directors were given access to customers' records, including financial transactions and they are satsified that no improper or illegal actions had taken place by the directors of Moto-Events with respect to these customers.

Indeed, until the calling of the EGM, directors, staff and associates were busy confirming and arranging plans for the 2007 season ahead and payments to suppliers were being made. At the EGM, the future and immediate consequences of being made vat exempt were evaluated. It was concoluded that all vat reclaims which had to be written-off, had consequences that made the company insolvent. Options of funding were reviewed, however, the fact reamined that with this knowledge, the only legal option was to cease trading with immediate effect.

It can also be confirmed that despite client bookings and payments being received just prior to the EGM, payments were not processed. Also, despite their personal circumstances, the shareholders and directors of Moto-Events Ltd will be removing themselves as creditors, writing off any and all investment/outstanding loads to Moto-Events Ltd.

Lastly, on behald of the directors and staff of Moto-Events who have continued to work (unpaid and without compensation for loss of employment), this opportunity is taken to express gratitude and thanks for previous custom and genuine regret for the inconvenience caused to any and all affected by recent events. Further, helpful information will be provided as a matter or urgency to parties affected, as soon as it becomes available.

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