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Ever wanted to eat blood sausages washed down with a syrupy liquor of unknown origin, check out abandoned Soviet military installations, or go bog walking then get flogged with birch branches in a scorching hot sauna?

You can do it all in Estonia, the small territory which packs in some charming quirks without ruining your budget.

When To Go:

If you’re keen on skiing, skating and ice fishing and an inspired birch-whipping, winter is a great time to visit Estonia.

Besides the cold, snow-clogged streets, ice-glazed pavements and roofs laced with killer icicles, the main drawback to visiting during winter is the limited number of daylight hours.

However, given the severity of Estonian winters (December to March) and the dampness of its autumns, the best time to visit the country is in the late spring (April and May) and summer (June to early September).

July and August (high season) are the warmest, busiest and often wettest months, with daily highs reaching 30°C (86°F) and many Balts taking holidays.

Estonia – Fast Facts

Full Name: Republic of Estonia
Capital City: Tallinn
Area: 45,226 sq km / 17,462 sq miles
Population: 1,410,000
Time Zone: GMT/UTC +2 ()
Languages:  Estonian (official)
Religion: 23% Christian (Lutheranism and Orthodoxy)
Currency: Kroon (KR)
Electricity: 230V 50HzHz
Electric Plug Details: European plug with two circular metal pins
Country Dialing Code: 372

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