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Ten of Britain’s oldest bikers have been recruited by insurance company Bennetts to share some of their experience that totals 689 years and covered more than half-a-million miles between them.

Bennetts conducted a nationwide search to find Britain’s oldest bikers to act as ‘special advisors’ to the firm. The four eldest found were ex-bike dealer Cyril McCaw Hopwood, 93, Sid Grant 89, Reg Scott, 90 and Gordon Snead, 79 – and none have ever suffered any injury.
Between the four they have:

Owned 142 motorcycles
Raced around seven international GP racetracks
Cruised across 14 countries
Spent at least £850,000 on bikes, kit and other biking essentials
Have 689 years of riding experience
Travelled the equivalent of 40 times around the world

The leader of the pack and eldest of the Bennetts OAB’s, is 93-year-old Cyril McCaw Hopwood AKA ‘Hoppy’ from Lincoln.  With seventy-eight years experience of riding the open road and having ridden the ‘wall of death’, Hoppy like all the OAB’s is determined to grow old disgracefully and continue to ride his bikes for as long as possible.

Hoppy says, “I owned a motorcycle shop for most of my working life, meaning that bikes have always been my passion.  My age will never hold me back and with nearly 80 years riding experience behind me, I am proud to be Bennetts oldest O.A.B.  I have a lot of advice to share and look forward to being to pass on my biking knowledge to Bennetts and my fellow motorcyclists.”

Bennetts Marketing Director, Mark Fells said, “Bennetts takes pride in striving to meet the needs of different types of biker both young and old.   Nothing quite beats the voice of experience and our O.A.B’s advice will hopefully help us to improve conditions for bikers of all ages.”

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter