The motorcycle insurance companies want you to ride

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An Australian insurance company has designed this funky fictional motorcycle it would like you to ride – but underneath the wacky shape is a bike with all the fun taken out.

The Swann Insurance ‘Motorcycle of the Future’ is a large capacity v-twin motorcycle with a alloy beam frame, upside down forks, radial brakes and a single-sided swingarm, but features electronic ‘rider aids’.

ABS and traction control wouldn’t be to all riders taste, but the least popular addition is likely to be the speed limiter – preventing the motorcycle from breaking a speed limit by any margin. A similar ‘Speed Control’ motorcycle tested by UK authorities in 2006 was abandoned after pressure from MCN readers.

It’s not all bad though – the motorcycle is fitted with cheap sacrificial parts fitted on areas vulnerable in a crash, including the forks, frame, exhausts, engine casings, fairing, radiator and front mudguard.



Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging