Hornet vs junky

Published: 04 August 2007

So there I was after just a week of owning a ex-demo 2007 Hornet CB600F. I returned to my dealers to take a look at the latest one in stock to see if rad grill was a tighter fit, which it was, but I didn't plan for what happened next.

Two arguing junkies had run across the road and bumped into my new bike, knocking it over. They of course ran off. All I saw was a bike on the deck outside the shop. I reported it to the police and made a statement the same day.

List of damage includes: Rear L/H Indicator, R/H bar end, R/H foot peg, R/H front break lever, crank case cover + bearings and exhaust tail pipe. Cost around £500,plus the bike not being on the road till next week.

Of course my insurance doesn't cover me unless a pedestrian collision on a static bike constitutes theft, as they did a runner(?)

Next time I see a junkie I'll '*'!* him. Nah, better not. A junkie is safer than a diesel patch, my mum always said.