Pathetic plod's plate pull

The Welsh police are at it again! Me and my three mates where making our way through Mold when we passed a police biker doing speed checks. We were fine because we knew we weren’t speeding or riding dangerously.

Anyway, half a mile later he screams passed us with lights and sirens flashing and pulls us in for… guess what? Carrying weapons? No. Drugs? No. HAVING 3D FONTS ON OUR NUMBERPLATES! I could not believe it. He actually did us for £30. No wonder people have no respect for the police any more. Instead of doing something more important like stopping guns filtering on to our streets, let’s pick on the bikers and raise some more cash.

The police are pathetic, but at least I now realise that North Wales is a much safer place due to us having legal numberplates.

alan dundon

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By alan dundon