Sold Secure theft resistance claims under scrutiny

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Security locks are to be tested by Trading Standards to see whether they’re really as tough as accreditation from testing house Sold Secure suggests.

Sold Secure approval is used by the insurance industry to judge whether a lock or chain is worthy of a discount.

Locks which gain the testing house’s highest accreditation are supposed to withstand attack for five minutes.

But Trading Standards in Northampton is to put the claim to the test by attacking locks for itself.

Spokesman David Hedger said: “I can confirm that we have received some allegations regarding descriptions applied to motorcycle locks.

At this time we are not investigating any specific offences but are in the process of undertaking some screen testing of products. It’s the results of the screen testing that will determine whether any further formal tests are carried out.”

Hedger wouldn’t name the locks to be tested but said: “It’s to do with the implications of the claims on the product which would mean that it would resist attack from thieves for a certain length of time.”

He said a formal investigation would look at “whether the product is being manufactured to the same standard it was when the approval was given”.

He added: “It may turn out it’s an allegation we don’t believe is substantiated.”

A Trading Standards source said: “Obviously Sold Secure can’t test every single product that a company import or manufacturer.”

Sold Secure declined to comment.

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell