Video: Freestyle rider Kyle Loza in action

Meet 21-year-old Kyle Loza, the latest tattooed whizkid to win a gold medal for best trick against the best freestyle motocross riders on the planet, with a trick he calls “The Volt!”

He has razor-sharp strands of black hair with the odd streak of white.

Shining metal piercings protruding from his face. Wears rock star threads, and drives a ’76 “rattlesnake black” Lincoln Continental and a Chevy Express cargo van with blacked out windows.

Across his knuckles on both hands put together say the words “GODCHILD”.

MCN finds out what makes this new freestyle rider tick and how his belief in God has helped him become one of the leading stars.

Check out the videos below and to the right to see Kyle Loza in action performing his Volt stunt.

To read more about Kyle Loza, see this week’s MCN, available from Friday, December 28, 2007.

 First look at the volt


Kyle Loza’s Volt trick

More inpressive stunts from Kyle Loza


Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter