World's most exotic January motorcycle sale...

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Forget cut-price M&S underpants and cheap microwaves, check out these stunning specials about to be off-loaded by the world’s top custom motorcycle builders.

Roger Goldammer’s stunning Nortorious supercharged single café racer and the Experimental two-stroke 250 broke from endless, monotonous stream of American v-twin choppers by using engines you’d never dream of.

The Nortorious used half of a Harley-style air-cooled twin to create a 965cc single. Just to make the one-off motor more interesting, a supercharger was piggy-backed onto cylinder to give the bike 80bhp. The mental motor was then shoe-horned into a frame design based around a 50 year-old Norton, complete with drum brakes!

The Experimental is an earlier Goldammer project, and uses less one-off parts, but the result was just as outstanding. A modified Honda CR250R frame holds a BRC two-stroke parallel twin go-kart engine. The geometry is long and low, with minimalist and unique bodywork. The finished bike was later timed at the Bonneville Salt Flats, reaching an impressive 128mph!

Roger Goldammer told MCN: “I’m selling them because, well, I have in my possession every bike I have built over the last five years… and too many bills!”
Nortorious is on sale for £80,000, and Experimental is on sale with an asking price of £73,438.

Contact: 001 250 764 8002

Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging