BMWs float ashore

Published: 22 January 2007

A sinking cargo ship dropped its load of brand new BMW bikes into the sea off the Devon coast.

Locals around Branscombe beach were treated to the unusual sight as several containers packed with brand new BMWs were washed ashore – much to the delight of these scavengers who even managed to start the bike on the beach.

Amongst the bikes recovered are the £10,895 luxury tourer BMW R1200RT and the £6,495 middle-weight sports tourer F800ST.
In all over 200 containers toppled overboard from the MSC Napoli, storing products such as battery acid, perfume and car parts. 

The ship got into troubles on route to Portugal during heavy storms and the captain deliberately beached it in the shallow waters off Devon to prevent the vessel sinking in deeper waters.

Anybody that finds a container has been asked to contact the Portland Coastguard on 01305 760439.