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Satellite images of the entire world have been logged on Goggle Earth and thanks to eagle-eyed MCN readers, we’ve managed to find some of the more unusual bike-related images.

Click the links below to see the images (all external site)

Suzuki: Click here
Brands Hatch: Click here
Mugello: Click here
Car crash and traffic jam: Click here
Barnett Harley-Davidson, Texas: Click here

Michelin factory (permalink)
Location: France, Bordeaux
Longitude: -0°32’13”
Latitude: 44°54’55”

Road under water twice a day
Location: France, Morlaix
Longitude: -3°55’28” Latitude: 48°40’38”

Most dangerous road junction in America: Click here
Location: United States, Florida, Pembroke Pines
Longitude: -80°18’43”
Latitude: 26°0’32”

Erzberg iron mine
Location: Austria, Styria, Eisenerz
Longitude: 14°54’40” Latitude: 47°31’39”

Zig zag road
Location: United States, North Carolina, St Helena
Longitude: -77°43’21” Latitude: 34°30’1″

Nardo test track: Click here

If you find any more interesting items on Google Earth, lets us know by emailing

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter