Chunnel delays and fuel crisis for MCN's Brno run

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MCN Features Editor Andy Downes is only hallf way on his run to Brno for the World Superbike races this weekend but has already had two major crises.

The first occured before they'd even left the country: "We nearly missed our Eurostar after customs took a dislike to us and took us aside as a potential terrorist threat and searched our bags. I mean it's not like you can hide much on a Z1000"

Then it wasn't long before they got in to trouble again halfway across France when Tommo, Downsey's riding partner, found his GSX-R750 running on nothing but fumes: "We were riding at a fair pace and watching the guage drop. We got to 150 miles on one tank and realised we'd have to pull off the Autoroute to try and find fuel. We couldn't find anything and had to resort to flagggin down a local biker for directions.

"He turned out to be a non english-speaking Dutchman but thankfully he knew the area a bit and with some juditious hand waving we managed to fill up with the GSX-R spluttering on the 153 mile mark"

The pair are now on the final stage of the trip from Cologne to Brno so check back for further updates.

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter