Project Gotham Racing 4 to feature motorcycles - and Macau

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The Project Gotham Racing series has been the top racing game for the original Xbox and the new Xbox 360 games console.

Now for the first time, the game will feature motorcycles racing alongside the world’s fastest cars, in locations including Macau and the Nurburgring.

Motorcycles we’ve spotted from game screenshots so far include an MV Agusta Senna, MV Agusta F4, BMW K1200R, Honda CBR600RR and what looks like aHonda CBR1000RR. It also look as if AGV helmets are heavily featured.

Now it’s just been revealed that Macau will feature a a location in the game, with an inner-city track inspired by the famous Macau Grand Prix motorcycle race, plus a twisting mountain track. And the location will be made trickier by the fact that various weather conditions are included in the game, with Macau ‘prone to tropical storms’.

It joins the infamous Nurburgring, which has features in previous games, but now comes with a snow-covered variation, and fictional tracks based on cities including London, Las Vegas and St Petersburg, plus a Michelin Test Tracl based on a famous U.S. circuit.

The handling of the motorcycles is promised to be simple enough for non-gamers to control, with the ability to wheelie, stoppie, and also perform stunts via a button press. The motorcycles will accelerate faster than the cars, but will struggle more with corner speed around tight hairpins.

One break from reality is that the bikes and riders will cope with contact with barriers and cars far more easily than in real life, to allow them to compete equally on the same track.

Dan Thornton

By Dan Thornton