Councillor blames bikers for UK's most dangerous road

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Motorcyclists are to blame for the UK’s most dangerous road, according to a local councillor.

Councillor Tony Martin, in charge of the A682 in Lancashire, named today as the country’s most dangerous road, told BBC Radio Five Live: “I could certainly improve the accident record if I could ban motorcyclists from it.”

“The difficulty we face is that it’s a very, if you want, exciting road for people like motorcyclists to use because it’s got a lot of ups and downs, dips and nice turns, linear bends," said Tony Martin

A survey by the European Road Assessment Programme (Eurorap) reported that a 15-mile stretch of the popular biking route, from junction 13 of the M65 to Long Preston, had been the site of 100 deaths or serious injuries in a decade, the equivalent to five major rail crashes. Eurorap said 57% of collisions on the road involved a motorcycle. It said problems arose from the road being ‘not well marked for motorcyclists who need road markings which guide on the “where you look is where you go” principle’.

Is it our fault or is road design the more likely culprit? Have your say by adding a comment below.


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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell