Beware of pedestrians

After visiting my mother I was travelling back home on my Yamaha Dragstar XVS1100, when I approached a set of traffic lights on red.

In front of me was a bus and a van, both indicating left. I was in second gear, slowing down getting ready to stop when the lights changed to green. 

I filtered past the van and bus to go ahead when the bus suddenly stopped. As I was half way down the side of it, I remember thinking ‘what’s he stopping for the lights are green?’

With that out steps an elderly gentleman  and ‘oh shit’ came to mind before I found myself lying on the floor.

The outcome was I received a broken tibia and fibula of the right leg, which now has a titanium rod  and pins. The elderly gentleman received the same injury to the same leg with the same op.

His son-in-law is the Chief Superintendant of the local police force, his grand-daughter is my son’s girlfriend in school and my fiancee knows his two daughters.

The bike cost £30 to get back on the road thanks to some good mates.

Cheers Guys.

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By sidestand01