Radio 2 listeners want bikers banned

Published: 06 March 2007

Motorcycles should be banned from the roads altogether, according to listeners to the Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show. Bikes were in the lead on Monday in a vote for the vehicle that should be banned, followed by bicycles, tractors, white vans and caravans.

According to listeners of Vine’s lunchtime chat show motorcyclists are too fat, irresponsible and dangerous.

On Monday’s show Vine’s guest Christine Hamilton repeatedly made anti-motorcycle statements. Hamilton branded bikers “perverts” and called our protective clothing “kinky leathers”. She later said: “Let’s give two fingers to the two wheeled menace and boot them back to the race track where they belong.”

Vine is asking his listeners to vote for the vehicle they want banning from our roads – to cast your vote then visit: The result will be announced on Friday’s show.