Green light for dark visors

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Dark visors during daylight hours should not lead to prosecution, police have finally agreed.

The Motorcycle Enforcement Strategy for England, Wales and Northern Ireland says advice should be given only.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) asked riders through MCN what the strategy should be before drawing it up. Common sense on dark visors was one of your biggest demands.

The strategy also says illegal number plates should not lead to prosecution unless they are unreadable from 20.5 metres – another area in which you urged common sense.

On illegal dark visors during the day the strategy recommends “advice only”. It adds: “If used during the hours of darkness or conditions of reduced visibility, consider prosecution… Only in cases where there is an obvious danger should prosecution be considered.“

With regard to small plates it says: “It has been decided not to focus on the technicalities of the size of the plate or font size to comply with current legislation, but to apply a simple test of legibility, based upon the standard eyesight test for riders and drivers.”

The strategy has immediate effect. David Griffin, head of motorcycle safety for ACPO, warned it was guidance only. He said: “It’s not immunity from prosecution.”

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell