I love bikes!

I actually think that riding a bike and bike racing is better than getting down and dirty with my bloke Mac!

However Silverstone was... God damn ruddy amazing. OK, it was wet. Actually Sunday was as you know cancelled after the 1st race. But I think I had an out of body experience on the Saturday.

Picture the scene. I have loved bikes ever since my Dad plonked me on the back of his Triumph when I was about 6. I love riding my own bike (I have two, a ZX-6R and a CRF 230). I love watching bikes. I love listening to the sound of bikes. Bikes bikes bikes!! It should be the law to ride you know. However... I met Yukio Kagayama on Saturday!

Oh... my... God! I mean don't get me wrong Rossi, you are still my hero. You will always bring me to my knees. But....Yukio Kagayama! I have waited over 3 years to meet this man. He is in my humble opinion one of THE most consistent amazing riders ever. His face and body now adorn my mobile phone, a T-shirt, A3 photo and whatever else I can get it printed on! And you know what dear reader? It only cost me £10 for a paddock pass! WHAT A BARGAIN!

We got to see all of it. The pits, the preparation (we saw Ruben Xaus's 2nd bike being prepped ready for him to fall off!) But it was awesome. I was smiling so much that my face hurt. Silverstone I am sure was affected crowd-wise by the weather. But the facilities were great, parking was no problem and the food wasn't that expensive.

So well done Silverstone! Though the local Hilton hotel in Northampton could do with being investigated for its sandwich prices: £8 for a blinkin' sandwich! I am going to Assen at the end of June and would love to be going to Donington the week before but need to earn some money to drink (I mean spend) at Assen! Where maybe... hopefully... I am praying that I get to meet the God that is Vale! 

Bike rule! To ride or not to ride? Now that is a stupid question!

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Annabel Colinger-Jones

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By Annabel Colinger-Jones