Rideout with my nephew

Last Monday I had the great pleasure of having a rideout with my 18-year-old nephew. I've told the story on the forum how his mother (my sister) was worried and tried to persuade him out of buying a bike, well he now has a brand spanking new '07 plate RS125 which we took for a good two-hour spin around the Fen roads of Cambridgeshire and South Lincolnshire.

Fantastic straights for him to open it up to its running in limit, few twisties to enhance his leaning skills and some bone jarring bumpy roads to test his suspension. Having stopped for a drink break he took off his helmet, the face on him was a picture. The grin was fixed and speaking through clenched lips he murmured "wow that was great Uncle Neil, those roads were awesome."

I took the lead to start with and then when we were back on local roads, I signalled for him to take the lead and back to his home we went. 10 miles and a 25-year age gap were closed in a matter of two hours. We both own cars but nothing like the special connection we both have with our bikes could have brought us closer.

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By nman