Massive crash!

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Well it was a massive crash for me. I was waiting at the traffic lights on the way to my girlfriend’s house. The lights went green and I pulled away like normal doing no more than 20mph then BANG i’m in the air and landing on my head. I look up to see if i’m hurt (hands hurt and ankle stings a bit). Where’s my bike? Its 20ft away side on from where I left it. There’s a black Volvo in the middle of the road. He’d jumped the lights and gone staight into the side of me.

‘Call the police’ I shout, ‘get this W****R arrested’. Do you need an ambulance? asks one of my many witnesses. ‘Yes please’ as I hobble over to my baby I can see she’s dead but I don’t want to believe it. I start picking up bits like the foot pegs and mirrors. Anyway the police turned up by this time I’m frozen and in shock it’s also raining now (just my luck). He sits me in his car and turns the heater on to keep me warm. Off to hospital with the lovely paramedics and I discover my worst fear! my Irn Bru has burst in my bag I’m devastated.

Get to the hospital (Darenth Valley) and receive the worst possible treatment. They didn’t check my eyes & head considering I showed them the damage on my Ti-Tech ltd ed Rossi Zoo (947of 2000) helmet. They put me in for X-rays… nothing broken just severly bruised thanks to my Xpd boots. The doctor said “nothing broken of you go get up walk.” That’s nice, I pay all my national insurance to be treated like s**t.

So the damage is bruised and swollen ankle from where the car hit me and I bent back all my fingers and bruised my palms with the bars and levers. I would like to say a massive thank you to for coming and picking my bike up for me even though they were closed at the time of the accident. I would also like to thank AGV for their Ti Tech helmets without that I wouldn’t be here today. Xpd for there excellent boots. Berik for there brilliant GP race gloves. & Hein Gericke for their jackets and trousers. Now I just have to try and find the money for some new gear. Hopefully his insurance will replace it all.


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