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Mah bike is broke, the wheels staun still ah’m feelin’ kinda ratty

Ah’ll hiv tae spend some cash gey soon an’ get a new Ducati

Aw reed an’ black wi’ jist wan seat, a pillion ye don’t need when fleein’ doon a country lane an gaun at a richt speed

But cam’ras hide ahent the dykes, jes’ waitin’ tae go flash!

An pile yer licence high wi’ points as weel as takin’ cash

Ah’ll trade the Norton in wan day and once mair tak up racin’

Then nae blue lichts I’ll see ahent jest ithers that are chasin

But years ago when boys were boys and I was yin as weel

Ah hudnae fear o’ fa’in aff or battlin’ wheel tae wheel

No like jest noo cos aw thae years o’ damage done tae bones

Means sair bits aye an’ bits patched up an’ even kidney stones

So get the boys aw gethert roon and hae a richt guid craic

An mind the times o’ winnin flags at ony racing track

But that wis then an’ this is noo an’ time his fin’lly caught on

Ah don’t think ah’ll get a new bike, I’ll stick wi’ my auld Norton

Blind Neep Docherty

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By Blind Neep Docherty