Join Ride for Rights 2007 to fight road pricing

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Your chance to join an MCN backed mass ride through London is fast approaching. 

MCN and rider’s rights group Rider Connect are calling on motorcyclists to join us on October 20, 2007 for a ride through the captial to celebrate motorcycling and challnge road pricing for bikes.

Despite a petition signed by thousands of riders, Government has yet to offer any assurance motorcyclists will not be included in road pricing plans aimed at tackling congestion.

Manchester and Cambridgeshire have already revealed draft road pricing plans with no exemption for bikes. Eight other regions have received Government funding to develop plans, and Government has said it wants all the schemes to be compatible, which means if one charges us, they all might.   

Join Ride for Rights to help drive home the point that motorcycles are non-congesting vehicles and should therefore not have to pay congestions charges.

We also aim to challenge recent calls from road safety groups for motorcycles to be ‘downsized’ through new power and speed restrictions.

We’ll finish the ride by parking up a few hundred yards from Parliament on Whitehall, which police have agreed to close to all traffic expect motorcycles.

Gather at Wembley Stadium at midday on October 20, 2007 for a 1pm set-off. Please be on time for a pre-ride briefing at 12.30pm.

A charge of £5 per rider will be split between charity and organisation costs – £2 will be split between Riders for Health and UK Air Ambulance charities and the other £3 will pay costs such as venue hire and marshalling.

MCN makes no money from ticket sales.

For more details and to buy tickets go to

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell