Biker requires surgery after fending off thieves

Published: 05 September 2007

A 23-year old motorcyclist needed to have his jaw rebuilt after fending off thieves from stealing his motorcycle.

The man from Coatbridge Street, Clayton, near Manchester rushed into his backyard on Sunday, September 2, 2007, after hearing a strange noise and found thieves described as 18-20-year-old white males, attempting to steal his motorcycle.

He prevented the thieves from stealing his motorcycle and as they tried to escape over a nearby wall he followed them. Pulling one of the men back prompted punches and kicks which were aimed at the victim, breaking his jaw as the thieves’ got away.

One of the men was described as 6ft, average build, dressed in a grey hooded tracksuit top with black Nike tracksuit pants. The other suspect was witnessed to be dressed in a black Lacoste tracksuit, appeared 5ft 8in, slim build with a shaven head.

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