Brunstrom Tasered

Published: 06 September 2007

Chief constable Richard Brunstrom has been zapped with a Taser for a demonstration video on North Wales Police’s website.

Richard Brunstrom volunteered for a 50,000-volt shock from the electronic stun gun as he announced its use was to be expanded into rural areas of North Wales. The footage is included in his latest online blog. 

Richard Brunstrom is currently being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission for using images of a decapitated rider to launch a road safety campaign without permission of the dead rider’s family. He has frequently used him blog to complain about motorcyclists.

Before being zapped with the taser, Richard Brunstrom said: “We’re prepared to use this on members on the public when we have to. It’s right and proper that the head of the organisation tries it out for himself.”

See the video here: