Speed camera boss denies ‘137mph’ biker video is staged

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A speed camera boss has denied staging a publicity video which claims to show a speeding motorcyclist hitting 137mph.  

Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership released the clip at the launch of a four-directional speed camera intended to catch motorcyclists.

It claims to show riders who evaded detection because front-facing speed cameras failed to record their number plates.

The clip prompted users of this website to suggest one of the riders, wearing a white helmet and high-visibility jacket, was in fact a police motorcyclist on an unmarked bike.

One commented: “The 137mph bike is an unmarked GSX-R1000 cop on a spy bike that rides the Hunstanton to Kings Lynn A149.”

Another said: “Thought so, he is wearing high viz… The camera also seems superb at judging what’s just about to come around the corner.”

But John Fairey, manager of Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership, insisted: “It’s not us riding bikes or anything like that. They’re real people that are on the road, captured by our cameras.

“It’s nothing simulated or set up. God no, I wouldn’t do that. It’s not ethical really.”

He added: “Honestly, none of it’s set up at all.”

John Fairey said the rider hit 137mph on the A148 at Hillington near Kings Lynn.

Judge for yourself – does the rider really hit 137mph? 

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell