North Yorkshire police target bikers

Watch out watch out there is a copper about in North Yorkshire.

I was riding back from a mates today at about half three, making progress, keeping up with traffic, two cars infront of me and four behind, one right up my arse.

On the other side of the road I notice a Grey VW Golf with blacked out windows. The passenger window comes down and I see someone point something at me.

As I pass two small blue light under the grill come on! I pull over and stop, to be told I’m speeding, fair enough I say.

The plod then tells me that his force (North Yorks) are targeting bikers. I say “that’ll be why you didn’t stop the cars infront or behind me that were travelling at the same speed as me”.

Talk about persecution, I could understand it if I was riding in a dangerous and reckless manner, but I was on a straight road in traffic that was travelling the same speed I was. He says you can go to court if you want to contest it, I say “can’t afford it, and we know what the outcome will be”! i hope the Chief Constable of North Yorkshires’ next shit is a hedgehog.

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craig I'Anson

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By craig I'Anson