Motorcycle parking or recycling collection?

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Riding through the Cotswolds on Friday 25 April me and my mate stopped at Chipping Norton for a break, we followed the signs for the car park and when we pulled in we found the motorcycle parking bay is being used for recycling and charity collection, so we had to park in front of the bay. (all the car bays where full except the disabled bay next to the bike bay.

To top that while we where streaching our legs white van man pulled up to empty the box's and asked us to move our bikes so he could back his van in, what if we had gone for a walk?, being p'd off already by this contemp for bikers we declined to move our bikes untill we where ready to go.

He stomped off mumbling "I thought you bikers are supposed to be friendly" and reversed into the disadled space next to the bike bay. Yes we are friendly, but not when someone's taking the mick out of us.

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