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Iam on holiday in Florida and have been looking around a few bike shops only to walk away p**sed off at the prices of bike and yes I know at the moment we get a good deal on the dollar but still compared to what we pay.

For example a Triumph 675se, I have choosen this bike as it is built in the UK, at a dealer in florida this bike is $9000 which at today’s price is around £4600 and even if you were to look at exchange rates last year which is about the normal of $1.50 to the pound that still only makes the bike around £6000 and yes I did ask the question how much these bike were last year and they were the same price if not less I was told.

So Triumph UK cannot use the current exchange rate as an excuse for our inflated prices. I mean these bikes have to be shipped and import dutys paid and yet they are still cheaper than what we pay even when the dollar is strong.

Why do I feel that we in the UK are paying inflated prices to keep them low in other countries and this the same for other makes too both Japanese and Itailian.

I mean were in the uk could buy an Aprilia Mille R for £6000 brand new or a Honda Fireblade for £5000 say no more.

Scott Muxworthy

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By Scott Muxworthy